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Questions about your customers?

Collaborate with them to find the answers

Questions about your products and services?

Connect with customers and find out what they really think

Questions about your brand or marketing?

Co-create the best solutions with your customers

Connective tissue between your business and customer

LeanLab brings customers to the heart of your business. The connections you build allow you to co-create optimized customer experiences throughout the purchase funnel, driving innovation, differentiation and performance.

LeanLab solutions

How your customers view you is at the heart of all we do, meaning clearer results and the confidence to take action that drives your bottom line.

Buying personas

What makes people choose your brand, or why do they go with your competitors.

Products & Services

Full review of your current offering, highlighting how to provide better usage experiences

Branding & Comms

In-depth brand positioning to shape stronger and more resonant communications

Channels & Touchpoints

Translate positioning to consumers throughout the purchase journey


3 in 1 quant, qual and ethnographic platform. Leaner data collection and faster responses, so you can focus on the insights.


Interactive collaboration activities. Deeper customer connections, enabling greater resonance amongst core target groups.


A holistic understanding of your business from the customer viewpoint. Validate your strategy and guide your decision making.

Customer collaboration programs

LeanLab is an interactive platform that connects you with your customers.

Two way conversations drive deeper understanding of needs, leading to better designed products, services and communications. Customers also enjoy the experience and feel more valued, generating additional advocacy for your brand.

LeanLab has delivered more than 500 projects globally, with studies ranging from a dozen to more than 12,000 members. You can run projects yourself, or we can help you to build, manage & moderate.

  • Build, measure and learn faster than competition
  • Improve your hit rate with your products, services and campaigns
  • Gain sustained competitive advantage

Platform features

With a wide range of engaging participatory activities, our programs provide engaging experiences for customers, while you gather all the intelligence you need to achieve.

Whether you’re focusing on products & services, branding & communications or channels and touchpoints, LeanLab will equip you with everything you need to succeed.

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Case studies

See how we've helped businesses around the world to achieve great results. Contact us to learn what we've done in your industry.

OP Financial Group

Finland’s leading financial service provider is aiming to develop a new service concept. They asked LeanLab to set-up an online community to explore some personal and sensitive topics that would be difficult to unearth with traditional focus groups.

For a period of 1 week, 60 participants shared their stories and experiences in both private and group discussions across the key themes. LeanLab brought the relevant themes to life by developing 5 different customer personas, which help to ensure that the future concept includes all the relevant elements for customers.

“The LeanLab’s community approach is a fantastic new way to sync with our customers. Customer collaboration gives us new perspectives and insights, that add real value by helping us move forward in tune with the market.”

Paula Ylisassi
Business Development Manager

Client website:
Client Sector: Financial Services
Skills: Qualitative online community

A digital start-up

A Nordic digital start-up approached LeanLab to validate market fit for a new digital student housing concept aimed at European cities.

LeanLab recruited 60 students living across  Amsterdam, Berlin and Helsinki to share and discuss their student housing experiences on a digital community. The programme also included mystery-shopping tasks to gather in-situ user feedback from competing websites and apps to understand the different user moments.

The key deliverables included analysis on the product-market-fit, 6 different student persona profiles and stakeholder maps to drive further concept development and future brand positioning with direct, end-user feedback.

”We were impressed how LeanLab team was able to devise a comprehensive research plan  and then connect the dots between user insights and their implications on the concept and brand” Co-Founder, Arto Korhonen


The advertising giant had a brief to adapt a a client’s new global campaign strategy to the local market in Malaysia, building on core concepts with local insights and intelligence.

Using light online discussions and surveys, LeanLab connected with 200 core category users to explore how they felt about the relevant themes and which ideas would be most effective to leverage in messaging.

The insights helped BBDO to validate and enhance it’s creative concepts with rapid, up-to-date consumer feedback to demonstrate resonance amongst core target groups.

”LeanLab gave us the fuel to validate our creative recommendations and provided our client with detailed insights to adapt their global strategy to the Malaysian consumer scene.”
Rafiq Ridzwan, Planning Director, BBDO Malaysia

Client website:
Client Sector: Advertising
Research Field: AD EXPERIENCE
Skills: Creative concept development

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